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Written pitch for The Reluctant Visionary

The Reluctant Visionary is a 96,000-word Southern contemporary upmarket novel with strong female leads and a metaphysical twist. Think Kate Morton’s The Lake House meets Matt Haig’s The Midnight Library. Alternating timelines connect three generations of women blessed with second sight that none of them want.

In modern-day Texas, Jess Walker foresees kidnappings and other violent crimes yet to happen, and her frustration grows over not being able to do anything about them. She just wants the visions to stop. At first, she doesn’t know how close to home those visions are but in time finds out the hard way. Her challenge is doing the right thing even if that also means other consequences.

In 1960s Tennessee, Jess’s grandma Anna Mae also has visions. Living in an abusive household, if not for the close relationship she has with her brother Jake, she might lose her narrow hold on sanity. Like Jess, she sees crimes and other dramatic events before they happen but is obsessively compelled to act on them as though they were infallible truth, which frequently gets her in trouble—and more than once into grave danger. She wants to find peace and meaning in her life, but the visions interfere with that in a big way.

Anna Mae’s daughter Kat, mother of Jess, plays a role in both timelines, and also struggles with visions and the impact they have on her and those around her. She is challenged to always know the right thing to do for herself and her family, even though her visions are the most precise of all three women.

Being born and raised in the South doesn’t make me an expert on Southern literature, but I believe it helps.

About me

My first novel, Different, was self-published last year and has since reached the #1 spot on four Amazon bestseller lists. It won first place in the general fiction category of the American Fiction Awards, in addition to winning three other literary awards and placing in four more.

I’ve worked as a staff editor for Torchlight Publishing and have been a professional member of the Author’s Guild for over ten years. I’ve been hired to write articles that appeared in the San Francisco Chronicle, the Fresno Bee, and other periodicals.

My wife and I live in the foothills of the Colorado Rockies with our Corgi Maya and Dakota, our rescued Greyhound.

Reviewers’ comments about my writing

“Datta Groover is a master of weaving all the elements of a story into a modern masterpiece.”
~Readers’ Favorite

“While his tale is loaded with meaning, author Datta Groover’s characters are flawed, and as a result, largely feel very real.”

“I hope Datta Groover writes a lot of books. I hope this because the world needs stories like this. I need stories like this.”
~Readers’ Favorite

My 90-second video pitch (same one that is at my booth at the WD conference):

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