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Different, a novel by
Datta Groover

A couple at odds, a family in danger,
and a boy who doesn't speak.

Frank MacBride's intention to keep his family safe is complicated by relationship challenges with his wife Sofia, and by their young son Sam's increasingly unusual and unsafe behavior.

No one can figure out why Sam doesn't speak, or why he appears to be aware of things he should have no way of knowing. He seems to think he can heal people, and has his own determined agenda to make that happen. All contributing to his parent's distress.

To make matters worse, people who Frank angered in the past may now be looking for some serious payback.



“If you want to play a bigger game in your life and love inspiring stories, Different gives you the delight of helping you with both. Datta Groover is a masterful storyteller and the end is simply perfect.”
- Rick Tamlyn, Hay House author of Play Your Bigger Game


“Different is a fascinating novel for driven people who want an entertaining break. It's the perfect combination of inspiration, intrigue, danger, and a heart-warming message. Take a pause, dig in, and uncover these amazing characters that will touch your heart and fascinate you.”
- Suzanne Evans, NY Times bestselling author of The Way You Do Anything is the Way You Do Everything


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Datta Groover is the founder of The Awakened SpeakerTM training, and has been honored to train and coach some of the best speakers on the planet.

In addition to his lifetime love for writing, he hosts transformational events around the world with his wife Rachael Jayne. He also loves dance, photography, hiking, exploring, meditation, and playing music - all of which energize his writing.

He firmly believes that any one thing we do is always influenced by every other thing we do and by the people we hang out with. Therefore, we should pick our activities and associations carefully.

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