What you don’t know about writers’ block

You probably know the pain of writers’ block. If you don’t know that pain, then you may either be one of the fortunate few — or you may just not be aware of how much it affects you.

Writer’s block comes in many forms: it might manifest in finding other tasks to do when it is our “time” to write. It may come in the form of not knowing what to write, or in the feeling that everything we write is bad, or that we as a writer are substandard. You may already know all that. However, I would bet there are things you don’t yet know about writer’s block.

In this short video, I untangle some myths around writers’ block and give you some helpful hints that will reduce the negative impact it has on your creative writing projects.

I hope you enjoy it, and please add a comment or question below the video–or right here on this page.

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Datta Groover